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Hard hitting and emotionally resonant. Love the overdriven guitar waves. The steady bass low end. Punchy kit sound. Clean mix and master. Powerful lead vocal performance. Raw lyrics. Keep it up! - Music on the Moon

An Idea Is Born

" In my youth, I worked with a friend's band to help write songs. I had had formal music training through school since before junior high and for three hours a day in middle school . Music was my passion. One morning I couldn't recall anything about music and while I still enjoyed it , I was left out, scales and keys were all non-sense to me. and my music writing dried up. I had experiences of being connected to things at times but for the most part it was gone. - Jared

Then in August of 2018 William and Jared began working on music as a form of therapy. William needed to find an avenue of expression to help him deal with his Schizoaffective (Schizophrenia and bi-polar) disorder. Will's disorder keeps him isolated and the effects of the many medications affect his memory and impacts his day to day abilities. As they started in music Jared was diagnosed with a mild PTSD from childhood trauma. Will and Jared wrote songs to help them gain perspective and grow from their pain.

The writing continued and they were joined by a friend. The group organized a set and in September of 2019 played at a suicide awareness walk. Then in October of 2019 Andrew Swindell (New Management) stepped in to record what we were writing. Noir Dream was born.

Receiving counseling had awakened Will and Jared to whom they are and this work they do with and "This is our life purpose, to use and find and promote and create music that lifts the hands that hang down. to cheer the broken and mend their hearts. Music is a universal language that unites us as one human race. We are here to bring hope, healing, education and understanding."

The 5 song Demo called was released in time for Covid. Then a single "De-oppression". A full length 12 song (+ intro) LP called "Down the Rabbit Hole" another single "Re-programe" as part of the Album 22 project that became and most recently, "Within" a 6 song EP featuring, Perception Deception, Balcony View, Wait Anymore, Reprogram (Extended version), Goodbye Daylight and Alone with thoughts.

When Will performs with Jared we go as Noir Dream When Jared performs alone he is "ND Jared" 

Noir Dream

  Jared Wade, William Wade

Change the Music

Change the Mindset

Heal the World

Our Team

Jared Wade

Bassist, lyricist, background vocals, Manager

William Wade

Singer, lyricist




Drummer, Guitarist

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