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Our Shows

Will on Vocals

Singer and lyricist William Wade

Jared on Bass

Bassist, Song writer and backup vocals Jared Wade




on Drums & Guitar

What Our Listeners Are Saying

"The bass and percussion give Noir Dream an unshakable foundation for the song’s guitar. It thrashes, riffs, and charges the track with needed aggression. Noir Dream never all its contributions to rage out of control, however; the band keeps a tight rein on the track that helps maximize its impact on listeners."

Jennifer Munoz- vents magazine

From where I sit, Noir Dream are producing formulaic rock that it’s okay to like, and in the process of establishing their signature sound in Within, they deliver what could be the heaviest piece of material in their discography thus far via “Perception Deception.” They’ve got the right idea in leaving the predictable isms on the sidelines when they get into the studio, and having listened to their debut album Down the Rabbit Hole two years ago and hearing elements of potential, I can honestly say they’ve done a good job of making the most of their natural gifts in this most recent studio dispatch. Growth can be evasive of bands that find their niche early on, but “Perception Deception” suggests this won’t be a real problem for Noir Dream at all.

Mark Druery- Indie Shark Magazine

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